Why Podcasting Is So Effective!

Very Personal Experience For Your Listeners

Podcast episodes are among some of the most personal experiences for your audience. An uninterrupted unabridged piece of content that allows for your audience to consume everything you have to give without friction. Most people have shared that they feel like they are actually having a conversation with the podcast host. This gives you the perfect opportunity to build a personal connection with your listeners from episode 1!

No Minimum Requirements

Podcasting has no age requirements or minimum subscriber count, this gives everyone the opportunity to start their own platform. Not only are there less requirements but there are plenty of podcasting platforms that allow you to start your podcast for free. Anchor for instance allows you to not only podcast for free but from your smart phone!

Post At Your Own Pace

The most popular podcast post at least one episode per week, some of the top podcasts post 2-4 episodes each week. Understand starting a podcast you can post however often your schedule allows or you are most comfortable with. Be sure to notify your audience how often you plan to post so they know when to expect your new episodes.

Inviting Guests

Every time you invite a guest on to your podcast you are opening up the opportunity to double your audience size. Now you have your guest’s audience along with your coming together to enjoy one valuable piece of content. Understand it doesn’t always have to be an interview, it can simply be a conversation for your listeners.

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